3D gait analysis

We are proud to be amongst the first locations in the UK to have the Motion Metrix system for 3D gait analysis.

3D gait analysis is the assessment of choice for both improving performance and diagnosing and treating injury

This state of the art technology has multiple advantages for both running performance and injury management. 3D motion capture allows us to simultaneously measure running economy, joint loading and gait symmetry. All 3 have significant implications to both running performance and injury . 

Our sessions can be tailored to your individual needs, whether you want to optimise your Marathon training, improve running technique, overcome ongoing injury or experiment with different shoes and insoles.

3D gait analysis for all runners

Our sessions are suitable for all runners, from complete beginners, to international competitors. We are also particularly good at treating running injuries including complex and ongoing problems. Please get in touch if you have specific requirements or any questions at all.


  • Measure running economy for different speeds
  • Discover how to improve your technique
  • Test different shoes and technique changes
  • Discover strengths & weakness to guide training


  • Measure loading for each joint
  • Assess gait asymmetries
  • Improve technqiue to reduce injury risk
  • Diagnosis & rehab from Chartered Physiotherapists