The Run Lab story

A bit of history

Cornwall Physio have been treating Runners from across the South West for the last 8 years. Lead Physiotherapist Lou Nicholettos is a Clinical specialist Physio with a special interest in running injuries and biomechanics and has gained a reputation as one of the best Running Physio's in the UK. Lou relocated form Birmingham 8 years ago with clinical experience in elite sports performance, international sports Physio and Chronic pain rehab.

Back in 2004/ 2005 Lou was working with a number of GB Triathletes and was heavily involved in the sport both professionally and personally. She noted that a large percentage of the injuries associated with the sport tended to be caused by the running element and found that she herself seemed to be prone to every running injury there was, including sore knees and hips! Lou became particularly interested in running mechanics and how running technique might be influencing her injury affliction.

In 2010 she read the book Born to Run, which made a strong case for the fact that human beings are designed for the sport of running and also that technique was incredibly important. This inspired her to seek teaching from one of the World's experts on running mechanics and technique coaching-Lee Saxby. "A small group of us spent a week learning from the man himself and I was the only Physiotherapist there. It was the first time I'd done a course that wasn't taught by Physios and aimed at Physio's. However, I soon realised that what I'd learnt was hugely relevant to my clinical practice."...

Over the next few years she created her own unique formula for treating running injuries using a combination of Physiotherapy, gait analysis and running technique coaching. She did this whilst completing an MSc in Pain Science at Kings College, London. ​ Her Dissertation involved researching Achilles Tendinopathies in Runners and her obsession with Running Injuries continued. Pain Science specifically provides answers for complex and ongoing injuries, spinal and nerve pain. Again, interests in Pain in addition to Sports Physio and Biomechanics provided her a unique perspective. Lou became particularly inspired to treat complex and ongoing injuries in runners and Cornwall Physio began to grow a reputation both across the county and beyond.

Cornwall Physio creates The Run Lab 

By 2015 clinic lists were completely full and Lou began researching ways of improving things further, to create a centre of excellence for runners in Cornwall. She researched the various software available but couldn't find anything that provided significant benefit over current methods whilst remaining affordable. Current, 2D video methods had several limitations and required lots of guess work.

Then in 2016 she was introduced to Motion Metrix software, a new technology, soon to be introduced to the UK for the first time, that made 3D data available quickly and efficiently. Lou spent over a year research ideas and funding options and  the Idea for The Run Lab was born!

Our mission

An obsession with running and commitment to providing the best possible service to our runners has culminated to the creation of the Run Lab, launching in July 2017. We're committed to continuing to bring quality Physiotherapy to runners in the South West and have introduced some of the most advanced motion analysis software available in the World, right here in Cornwall. As a county we have never been lacking in expertise, but facilities can be less readily available. We look forward to helping our runners to get the most out of their sport. From total beginners, to our  international competitors. Statics show that up to 80% of runners are injured each year. Our mission is to change that here.  Cornwall Physio has gone 3D!

80% of runners are injured each year. Our mission is to change that here. Cornwall Physio has gone 3D!

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