Since my session with Lou at The Run Lab I have made some impressive gains in my running efficiency, which has left me with less soreness in the days after hard sessions and has allowed me to progress my fitness faster and more efficiently.

The technology enabled me to see the minor adjustments I needed to make in strength and stability- important when in action. Plus highlighted the right shoes for the right training sessions

When trying to make large performance gains, I recommend people start with a strong foundation to allow consistency of training. The Run Lab is a fantastic tool for achieving this and something I would definitely recommend to performance focussed runners

Chris Thompson

British Olympian & European 10,000m silver medalist


This 3D gait analysis is AWESOME, I highly recommend it for all runners in Cornwall and beyond . I had a session with my brill Physio Lou Nicholettos. I’ve learnt so much about my running and have found subtle ways to work on style that will (fingers crossed), make a massive difference to my injury risk and economy/ performance. Watch this space!

Elsey Davis

Elite Marathon Runner


Absolutely phenomenal piece of equipment. The data it generates covers all aspects of your running style and therefore has the ability to be able to ascertain where your weaknesses are and how changes can affect your form. Together with Lou Nicholettos’ (Cornwall Physio) expert knowledge and many years of experience with both elite and recreational runners nationwide, you receive the best advice possible on what work you can do to better your technique for either prevention or improvement of injuries or to make your run style more efficient.

A follow up visit in a few months will be very interesting for me to assess how the work I will do could impact on my results.There are only a few of these dotted around the country so if you’re down in Cornwall I highly recommend booking an appointment. 

Amy Sole

Cornwall & Cornwall Athletics Club

Had an amazing session at The Run Lab. We are so lucky to have this new, amazing facility down here in Cornwall, along with Lou’s expertise in treating runners. Learnt so much about my running style which I hope will help me in future events.

Isobel Wykes

Great Britain Ultra Runner