Why choose 3D Motion Analysis @The Run Lab?

Want to run faster with fewer injuries?

We chose Motion Metrix technology for it's high degree of precision and accuracy. This means we can perform and compare multiple tests. Whether you're making technique changes, footwear changes, or exercise changes, we can measure your improvements and see what's actually working for you. This information is simply not available using traditional 2D gait analysis. Our measurement detail and accuracy means we can provide specific technique recommendations for each individual runner and actually see what's working.

Run faster

  • Improve running economy
  • Learn how to run faster
  • Learn which exercises YOU need to do
  • Find your best shoe for a given speed
  • Discover which speeds YOUR training needs to focus on

Reduce Injuries

  • Measure joint loading
  • Find asymmetries and imbalances
  • Diagnose ongoing or recurrent injuries
  • Rehab exercises specific to YOU & your running
  • Injury assessment by Chartered Physiotherapists